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  Happiness and meaning is searched by us, through external sources within the world we live in, yet each of us can find strength, happiness through what lies within. By treating ourselves with some time to express our emotions, thoughts and visions through art is the key to our search. These could be drawing, painting, sculpture or music then exploring what emerges. Art therapy frees a way to access our inner wisdom and a path to healing within. Transpersonal art therapy can tap into your unconscious and explore you own personal journey through your own imagery. You don’t need to be an artist to try art therapy; you let your creativity flow from the sense of your body and your ability to place images or symbols in an art form. Through your own personal journey Transpersonal Art Therapy allows you to travel within yourself and explore healing and power. Transpersonal refers to relating to states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity. Through meditation it can take you on a journey beyond your usual way of thinking and into visualisations where you can access a higher state of consciousness through a deeper level of relaxation. By doing this allows you to free what is hidden in your subconscious and transfer it to a conscious level through art. Both art and therapy have a relationship with healing. By creating art from within has a natural power of healing. New understandings and insights can be facilitated by the images created through your art. Through these images can be useful to communicate overwhelming emotions from the past and present unresolved issues, crises and traumas. They can also be helpful for loss, grief, body image, life transitions and eating disorders. Through your art new perceptions can lead to growth in a positive way and healing.  


  ART THERAPY FOR INDIVIDUALS   Individual Art Therapy Sessions to explore your inner self, gather insight and strengthen your ability to shape the life you desire.  


 Workshops for professional development for primary and secondary school teachers, organisation and company staff and clients to strengthen well being, creativity and connection in the workplace. Creative Expression workshops can allow an opportunity to identify and explore insight within for all who attend. With the knowledge and experience teachers develop from these workshops teachers can provide an opportunity for art in a therapeutic environment for students in primary and secondary schools.  


Creative Courses is a 12-week course in Transpersonal Art Therapy (Self-Care). This course is designed for people with disabilities, disengaged or people who would like to explore the use of art therapy for self-care. This course is offered for registered training organisations to provide an unaccredited course for their student community to increase creativity, well being and interconnection.    

Angela Ashley - Transpersonal Art Therapist

  Art Sense provides a relaxed environment of creativity, art therapy and personal growth. 

Angela Ashley has been a creative artist with a variety of mediums for over 50 years and has experience in creative workshops since 1992. 

Art Sense is located in the tranquil Yarra Valley, Victoria where many inspirational images can emerge.  

Angela Ashley is an Artist, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Trainer and Assessor and has had  experience for 17 years supporting people with disabilities and loves providing an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives.  


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